We Have Been Reading the News

Rarely do we get involved in politics but there comes a time when believers need to speak up. From the examples we have seen these past four years, we have come to the conclusion that the members of the Democrat Party are not qualified to hold any political, judicial or educational office.

They have abdicated their leadership role and authority by focusing solely on removing President Trump from his duly elected office and doing so in a manner that no person can respect or support. They have forgotten why they were elected to the offices that they now hold and use those offices to promote a very terrible agenda.

They have also abdicated their legal authority by refusing to obey or call their followers to obey the laws of the land. Instead, we see these elected officials advocate for the ignoring of important laws that protect the nation and its people from an influx of other humans who refuse to follow the law or procedures for such movement.

Those are not the only laws that they ignore. Then the democrat party members have lost their moral authority, not only for the above reasons but because they refuse to enforce God’s standard of right and wrong, good and evil, and moral and immoral practices.

Instead, they have embraced evil, called it good and allowed it to ruin the lives of the many innocent people who have unfortunately come across the paths of those who follow the Democrat Party’s example. Right and wrong, etc., mean nothing to them as long as they get their way. They also do not care who they bully to get their agenda enforced over those who disagree with them.

When it comes to Christianity and earthly politics intersecting, Christians have a better example to follow. Jesus did not call for the ruling party to be overthrown, especially by rebellion and rioting, he called for people to obey the law.

Instead of telling the ruling political parties that they were wrong, religious leaders are not the ruling parties here, he called them to repent and get right with God. In fact, he told everyone to repent and get right with God.

In doing so, the ruling [party members learn how to govern justly, fairly and correctly without offending them or turning them to commit atrocities against those they disagree with. Jesus also did not force his ways or message on others, especially through bullying tactics, 3rd party organizations or violence. He let everyone choose which path they will follow.

Jesus did not change the rules to fit people’s personal preferences or religious beliefs. Nor did he change the punishments that will come to those who make the wrong decision. Jesus did talk about how to govern nations but he did it in context with his message not with threats to impeach, oust or fix elections.

In other words, he did it in non-threatening ways and did not advocate for riots, unrest or even fraud. He told people to follow his teachings and as Paul passed on his words, to do good because there is no law against doing good.

He said that to overcome evil, you do good not riot, destroy, pillage or even rig elections. Christians have large shoes to fill but their example to follow is much better than the one the Democrats have presented to the world.

Jesus’ way protects innocent people, protects property, businesses and the nations’ way of life. Plus, it allows for government officials, police officers, and other important community leaders a way to improve and get better without defunding any of them.

If Christians want to vote, they cannot vote for the party that ignores God, his ways and calls evil good. Nor can they vote for a party whose agenda is opposite of theirs and ruins their way of life through political and violent means.

Christians have a duty to vote but they must stand with God when they do. So far President Trump & the Republicans still support Israel and Christians which puts them in a better position to learn God’s ways and make the right changes to their governing style.

Love thy neighbor does not mean forget the rules and laws or put your neighbor at risk of harm by letting those who refuse to follow those rules and laws into the nation or a powerful position.

if you love your country and people, then you uphold the laws, support those who do and and follow Jesus’ example.

25 thoughts on “We Have Been Reading the News

      1. And conservatives and Republicans are always making vague, baseless accusations. But tell me David, firstly Trump’s threat to ignore the election results ( and thus violating election and Constitutional Law) was first a ‘distortion’, and then in the next breath it would be justifiable. By that logic, alleged Democrat violations of the law are justifiable, in order to oppose Republican immorality and their shambolic government.


      2. Sigh… liberals just do not get it. their hatred for Mr. Trump has them throwing the baby out with the bathwater and ruining all the things Mr. Trump has achieved. His latest executive order helping abortion survivors is a great move. He should be kept in the office for 4 more years and more men like him should be voted into office. we do not need baby killing illegal loving democrats anywhere near any public office.


      3. You completely avoided my question. I might also mention that Trump’s hardly pro-life – pro-forced birth, anti-woman certainly. Just look at all the children locked in cages and deprived adequate care on Trump’s watch.


      4. You know full well that it’s not a distortion. That’s simply your tired ‘go-to’ line you use to avoid confronting facts. Take the blinkers off David. Practice what you preach.


      5. I am practicing what I preach. God has warned everyone about those people,like democrats. leftists and liberals who accept evil, call it good and support it. I am against the democrats because they are against God, the Bible and disobey him on an hourly basis


      6. You’re turning a blind eye to Trump’s dishonesty, his cheating, his demeaning treatment of women, his cruel treatment of immigrants (including children who suffer whilst locked in cages, which is a fact, not a distortion as you claim). You’re ignoring his ignorance which has helped turn the USA into one of the worst countries in respect of the Coronavirus. As I have said before, take the blinkers off.


      7. This is one example why I always say the point is a distortion. The immigration policies Trump is accused of implementing actually were started under democrat presidents at their command. The rest is just crap meant to slander a man the poster does not agree with or like


      8. I didn’t accuse Trump of implementing them, so that suggestion is in itself a distortion. Nonetheless he has perpetuated that policy, despite the awful conditions of the children and people in those camps. If you were opposed to Democrats implementing them you’d be opposed to Republicans continuing them.


      9. stop reading into my words and twisting them around to get me to say something I do not want to say. the democrats need to be removed from almost all public offices there is nothing more to say on that. They have proven they do not know how to lead or govern


      10. I’m not twisting anything David. I am pointing out that that you are attacking arguments I haven’t made, and failing to address points I *have* made. The bottom line is that you seem to think the Republicans are good Godly folk, even though there’s considerable evidence to suggest they’re anything but, and any evidence that’s presented to you is met with the word ‘distortion’, which is simply your way of burying your head in the sand.


      11. We are never going to agree on this issue. as it stands right now Mr. trump is the man who should be president and the Republicans are the party that should have the majority in both houses. Liberals, leftists and democrats embrace evil too much and have shown that they cannot lead.


      12. You’re right, we’ll never agree. The Democrats understand the importance of representing the US people, which includes far more than white heterosexual conservative Christian men. Trump’s Republicans only see the latter, and even then manage to falter. They represent some of poorest examples of humanity.


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