Why We Do Not Answer All Comments

or post them

Here is a comment we received recently and it is a good lead in to this topic:

“That is twice you have deleted my comment that asked you, politely, to prove your claim regarding me being a rights denier. You should be aware that, as always, I take screenshots of these discussions to repost later. Your evasiveness will not go unnoticed or pass without remark elsewhere, complete with links and screenshots.”

First, we reserve the right to respond or post at our leisure. This is still our website and we have the freedom to do as we please. Even though we may like that particular poster

Second, we have a busy schedule outside of posting here and at our sister website. We do not always have the time, the energy or the desire to respond or post different comments

Third, sometimes the poster does not see the answer to their own posts. They ask for proof but the proof is in their own words which they turn a blind eye to or do not realize they are posting the evidence they seek.

Fourth, for that specific poster, his words deny his claims that he accepts and supports Christianity. We have known him long enough to know that he rejects the true Christianity in lieu of his own style of the faith. In other words, he wants God’s word to say what he wants it to say and not what it actually does.

For example, a poster over at Christian Post feels that Mt. 5:37 to 40 means that refugees are entitled to what America has to offer by being sent to that country to live and have a family. But that poster does not realize that to fulfill the direction in that passage one does not have to import more people. The people of the richer nation can go to that country and accomplish the same objective by improving education, agriculture, business and other industries needing help.

What that poster wants is to use God’s word to meet his or her perspective and not God’s.

Fifth, we are not required to post or respond to every post. We do it out of courtesy etc., and we reserve the right to place content on our website that we see is a fit and good contribution.

This explanation may not sit well with people but after all it is our website and we have been banned by other bloggers, including the late Rachel Held Evans, for basically the same reasons. We try to be fair but not everyone will see it that way.

We are NOT BLM, PC, liberal, leftist & democrat party supporters and some of the comments we get are not fit for anyone to read. We try to put up the best content here and over at http://www.theologyarchaeology.wordpress.com so that true Christians can have their faith strengthened, learn deeper things of God and grow strong in the Lord.

Our content is not normally for those who are not believers or hold to ideas and preferences that disagree with God and his word

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